Drafted army list, now getting it assembled.

Received IA5-7 yesterday as well as these reinforcements for my DKoK:

– 6 Death riders
– 1 commisar on horse  (Games Day?)
– Lascannon team 1, 2 og 3
– 2 Command squads
– 2 Centaurs
– 5 grenadiers at ease
– 8 infantry at ease
– 10 infantry advancing
– 10 infantry firing
– 10 grenadier
– Heavy flamer team
– HQ Squad

I also received a second hand Imperial Knight. Now it’s getting the 3 leman russes and the chimera I won on eBay auctions.

So list. I first looked at the siege list and got some great, fluffy lists thought out but to make it easier for myself in getting a playable army I’ll first make a Krieg Armoured Battlegroup. Here’s the draft I’m aiming for.

Infantry command squad
– regimental standard, vox, meltagun
– centaur

Commissar tank
– dozer blade

Grenadier squad
– vox, 2 meltas, demo charge
– centaur

Grenadier squad
– vox, heavy flamer team, flamer
– centaur

1 Demolisher
– dozer blade

1 Vanquisher
– dozer blade

Infantry squad
– vox, flamer

Yeah so still a few points to tweak with and its not set in stone but it’s a start at least.

Here’s how it looks minus the tanks.


And some closeups.




With the knight I’m changing it all up. I want the melta version and I think I’m going to make a compartment for the operator. Will be fun I guess 🙂


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