Iron Grenadiers. 1st squad

Got 1st squad ready.


Fixed the antenna on this centaur to match the other one. This squad is for entering the breach that 2nd squad makes and make short work of the remaining enemies within. This is grisly work so I had to work on the pose for watchmaster. I think even though it’s a simple enough build that the pose speaks for itself.


You’ll probably notice that the vox operator is from the command squad. My reasoning is that to ensure good intel the commander is using one of his most trusted assistants.


I’ve kitted out this squad similar to 2nd. Note the reserve canisters on the flamer. So many great details in the kits!
The heavy flamer team is also a very cool little kit.



Though one thing. Those stupid ultra frail hoses for connecting it all. I mean wtf…So replaced as I broke all of the stock ones…


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One thought on “Iron Grenadiers. 1st squad

  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Good old fuse wire,works every time😀

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