Iron Grenadiers. Company Cdo squad.

Got the company command squad prepped.


I thought long about the models I wanted to use but in the end I choose stock. Two reasons:
1) they are great miniatures so why not
2) they follow the edicts and so don’t have much say in combat gear

You’ll notice that there’s two key features different on the centaur compared to the Grenadier centaurs. The dozer blade and the extended antenna. This is to differentiate between the cdo squad and grenadiers as ruleswise they’re different (Grenadiers must have extra armour as vehicle upgrade) and I wanted a slight difference between the two unit types either way. Here’s some more pics of the command centaur.




As you’ll notice I have kept a lot similar, like how stowage is kept and the base antenna. DKoK are pragmatic and they’re vehicles are for maximum utility, command squad notwithstanding. The largest antenna is for communications with other regiments and potentially korps as well.

Some closeups of the command squad itself.





A bit lighter on the gear but they’re not frontline soldiers anyways.

Now it’s making a vox for the plain infantry squad and then I think I’ll start preparing the knight. Got some special plans for that one.


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