Iron Grenadiers. A broken knight #3

I’ve now entered the murky waters of uncertainty regarding my plans for my broken knight. You see instead of making the back wall interior I went straight for the cockpit / head section.
You probably remember I’m using a centaur as the base cockpit and that it demanded me opening up the chassis of the knight enough to fit it in.


Pictured above is the final bitz I settled for. At one point I thought a Reaver Titan faceplate would work hence the white plasticard front there. But I wasn’t happy with the bitz I could source so I decided to go for a warhound look.




I still need to fix the overlapping of the plates on the jaw but all in all this is quite good I think.
Inside view.


Haven’t entirely decided on wether to go for krieg crew or make a little princeps inside, makeshift hardwired in the knight.

But how does it look on the knight then right 😉


You know what. It’s growing on me but I think I need to adress a few more parts on the knight to really sell it. I’m thinking some more details on the torso, deal with one leg and one arm minimum. The picture above is a bit distracting with all of the colours. Here’s a black and white.



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4 thoughts on “Iron Grenadiers. A broken knight #3

  1. paintingchap says:

    Loving the work and the concept. I can’t wait to get my own knight up and running

    • Well then you’re one of few mate 🙂 but I’m actually very confident that I can make it work when I paint it.

      • paintingchap says:

        Honestly I think you have nailed the concept of a knight repurposed/rebuilt in the field. The new cockpit kinda reminds me of an old British WW2 land rover

      • Cheers mate, appreciate it 🙂 I’m adding some more armour on the torso and on the top armour to smooth the transition. I’ve reasoned that it was a direct hit in the centre killing the former operator and reducing the machine spirit to a flicker of it’s old self. Anyway, so not that much left basically before I fix the base.

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