Iron Grenadiers. Broken Knight #2

Some more work done on my broken knight.



Fixed the engine in place and made side plates for the engine room. I think that’s more than enough for that part.

Over to the daunting part. The cockpit.


Trimmed room for it. Now I’ll have to finish the back wall and detail it. Simultaneously I’m making a new front as this cockpit will stick out a bit from the hull.

That’s for the next update.


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6 thoughts on “Iron Grenadiers. Broken Knight #2

  1. Ross says:

    Brother, I love this idea! Looking forward to watching this progress.

  2. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Wait, forgive me if you’ve written this somewhere…but are you Orkifying a Knight????? If so, it’s about time somebody did that!

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