Iron Grenadiers. Commissar tank WiP.

Got hold of my first leman russ yesterday. Good times! Though I really should paint the crew on my second centaur. Ah well..


This is an Annhililator pattern (for those who didn’t know). Quite old model, metal weapons actually. Since it’s a twin linked lascannon you basically need BS 4 to make it worthwhile. Luckily for me the Armoured Battlegroup has a Commissar tank in HQ and he’s got BS 4. Sweet!

I chatted a bit with Skrall / g.hawke and decided to go for the full package. So hull mounted lascannon and multi-melta sponsons it is! With a bitz rummage I found what I needed and here’s how it looks now.




Need to find something to use as a searchlight and some smoke launchers but other than that I’m very pleased. I’m also contemplating wether I’m painting this tank black in the colors of the commissiarat or go with the white camouflage paint and a black stripe instead of red. Gut feeling says the latter.


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