Rat ogres


I’ve always loved the IoB Rat ogres and I was so lucky getting hold of another set as a gift from a friend ­čÖé

I’ve already built two with a warpfire gun. Here they are ready for basecoat.



Their poses are identical to the stock ones it’s only the guns that differentiate them.

For the two newest I just went for a melee version but I altered their poses and switched heads to mix it up.




I just love the “Hulk Smash” pose!

I’ll definitely be painting these up next as I’m very excited to see my scheme on larger models with a lot of exposed skin.


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3 thoughts on “Rat ogres

  1. Fran├žois Ridel says:

    You have little beforehand on me j ‘ began to paint my skavens this weekend, I am going to follow your publications and to send you my versions, I end those begun and me painted my rats ogres!

  2. Silent_Stab says:

    Where are the warpfire guns from?

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