(un)Invitational. A Merciless WiP #3

A very minor WiP update before I basecoat my Merciless trio.


After a suggestion I drilled out all of the barrels on the assault cannon on Peacock. Boy am I glad I did that!

Next up will be the PiP stage. Speaking of..


That’s some new brushes for painting tanks and some new paints which I’ll test out on the Merciless. Oh and yeah that’s a nib, oop Fabius boxed set. Plastic even on. The price tag unchanged for probably 20 odd years. It’s approximately £20 and I got a 25% discount on top of it 😀 Was back in my hometown this weekend and found this in my old hobby store. Brilliant!
I have no particular plans at the moment for Bile but I just had to have him!

As far as the (un)Invitational is going. Go check out all of the WiPs on Iron Sleet now 🙂


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