(un)Invitational. A Merciless PiP #Mean Machine

No slacking, better get painting!

I’m starting with Mean Machine as he’s the simplest one to do. I think..

I’m mainly inspired by the Judge Dredd villain by the same name. Here’s a very cool picture from the (not so cool) movie.


Tortured and strained skin with very dark metallics. Though surprisingly clean and non rusty. This suits an inquisitorial servitor no doubt.

This is where I’m at with my version.





I think that the colours are there. I’m especially pleased with the skin. I’ll let it rest overnight incase I get any clever ideas that I’ve forgotten now.
As for the base I’m thinking wasteland with reddish brown.

Please, do let me know what you think cause I’m an INQ 28 / Blanchitsu noob 🙂


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4 thoughts on “(un)Invitational. A Merciless PiP #Mean Machine

  1. Odie says:

    Looks good. That huge power fist is just deadly.

    I like how you made the connections between flesh and machine irritated and bruised.

  2. legatho30 says:

    he he he… glad to see an other version of mean machine angel…. I second Odie… maybe just a fine line of khorne red with a wash of seraphin sepia… keep on the good work !

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