Battle report. CARNAGE!

Time for another battle report! This week it’s an old and dear favorite in my gaming group, the Carnage scenario. 4 way mayhem!

We play the scenario like this.
– 4 players
-750 points a side
– 4 turns
– Primary objective in centre of the battlefield – 3 vp.
– Secondary objectives as normal
–  Deployment, in each corner.18 inches from centre and between the players
– We throw seize the initiative each turn to mix things up. We go chronological per dice result

The participants:
Tommy (me) with the Bully boyz formation.


Trond with Blood Ravens.
Dropped out in the last minute due to RL.

Ask with Space Marines.


Hallvard with Space Wolves.


Deep striking git..

Turn 1
Hallvard takes first turn. Dreadnought deep strikes on the other side of the forest from me. Gets linebreaker with the pod.


Ask advances forward en masse, including running with all units.


Hmm, are they ganging up on me..?

Me. Just shuffling forward. Both of my kombi-rokkits miss the drop pod.


A: 0
H: 1
T: 0

Turn 2
Hallvard begins again. Tries to get his terminators in from reserve but failed due to my warlord trait. Lol.
He disembarked his marines  against Ask and his Dreadnought aims for one of my bully mobs.
He then cast living lightning on one tactical squad. Ask doesn’t stop it and 1 marine die. Next is jaws of the wide world, actually killing a sergeant but he perils and loses a wound.


In the shooting phase two marines goes down. Ask is not doing so well with the dices. Oh wait, he forgot his own. Mojo burn!
Dreadnought tries to charge but failed

Ask advances on the center objective and pull away from the wolves.


He’s shooting is ineffective but his main priority is getting two units on the center objective.

Me. I advance with two mobs on the center and one against the Dreadnought. I have no range in the shooting phase.
I assault the Dreadnought but only inflict 1 hp, he kills two in return. Damned shield..


A: 0
H: 1
T: 0

Turn 3
Hallvard (see a trend here..). Terminators still (hide) in reserve. LOL.
Psychic phase is ineffective but in the shooting phase still roll like shit and loses another marine. Hallvard then assault the marines and wipes them out getting first blood. In the dreadnought vs bully boyz neither part does any damage.

Ask targets the blood claws that decimated him with his assault squad. They shoot first, killing six then assault only leaving the rune priest alive.


Me. I aim for linebreaker with one mob and center objective with another. The last mob is left to die against the dreadnought. Fethin shield..

A: 0
H: 2
T: 0

Turn 4
Me (that’s a first!). I secure my goals of primary and linebreaker.


In the combat the dreadnought and bully mob wipe each other out. Let’s see if I succeed.

Hallvard gets his terminators on board. About time, lol.
In the combat the rune priest bites well and killed two but the hammer smites him dead earning Ask slay the warlord.

Ask starts shooting at my mob on the center objective. I save everything. Don’t get why he didn’t aim to snag it from me with objective secured.

He then assault the terminators. Kills one but 5 are killed in return. Brutal with hammer unit.

A: 1
H: 2
T: 4

Post game thoughts
I was lucky having my own corner and not being pressured a lot. Then being able to keep the wolf guard terminators off the board sure helped too.

All in all a fast and fun game. Perfect to kick off the weekend 🙂


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