Iron Grenadiers. Company cdo squad finished.


This unit has been looking at me for what feels like ages. Finally got it finished!





I’m actually happy with the gold on this lot. It’s a colour I hate to paint but this is passable.



With the unit finished (need to hit them with some matte varnish when the weather allows it) I also managed to fulfill my pledge over on B&C in the Augustus Arena. Another load off my shoulders (was fun though) and I can now concentrate on getting my Invitational miniatures painted.


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4 thoughts on “Iron Grenadiers. Company cdo squad finished.

  1. Odie says:

    I always liked the DKoK. When they were first released I had grand plans to collect a full army, but at the last minute I decided to build an old-school Praetorian IG army instead, which was tougher to collect and twice the price. In the end I should have gone with DKoK – the models are infinitely more interesting.

  2. Isiah says:

    I think your DKoK army is excellent. Great colour scheme and it all looks very battleworn which is excellent.

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