(un)Invitational. A Merciless PiP #Peacock.

Hot on the heels of Mean Machine it’s time to get started on Peacock!

Peacock is the miniature I’ve been struggling to figure out a colour scheme on. Should I go for colours based on its namesake or a more militaristic scheme? Tough decisions tbh..

In the end though I went with the classic inquisitor scheme. Black and red.

Here’s a PiP of where I’m at.



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6 thoughts on “(un)Invitational. A Merciless PiP #Peacock.

  1. Such a cool looking piece mate, well executed on both design and paint job (even for a WIP).

  2. Odie says:

    This is a really fun piece. Good job.

  3. Ross says:

    Looking great brother, such a fun model!

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