Xenos henchman. Muscle #1

My WiPs are vast and I really should be working on my next DKoK installment but the INQ28 bug is firmly embedded now..

By now you’ve probably seen my Merciless trio. Time to expand it! I want several xenos henchmen in the warband though I’m going to broaden my sources beyond 40k. I’m a huge comic book geek (with pride!) so this is a possibility to 40k-ify some of my favorites there.

First up will be some more muscle.


Yup that’s Bebop from the classic TMNT series. I really think he and Rocksteady are just awesome characters that had a very strong visual appeal but for the most part got underplayed in the series.


Mind this will primarily be a base inspiration. My version will undoubtedly be 40k.

Bitz sourcing next. I’ve got it covered from my own boxes.


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2 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Muscle #1

  1. Odie says:

    Oh TMNT…I was obsessed with the Eastman and Laird comics back in the day.

    Some of my favorite models from the Rogue Trader era were the various abhumans Citadel released. I still have some of the original Imperial Beastmen, but I’ve often thought about making some of my own, and making an all-abhuman warband.

    • Yeah they’re classic no doubt! I think that the popular culture inspiration where a lot more obvious before but I really like that period. Those leads got some proper charm that the current line is lacking (though the current line is pretty epic in its own right). You should totally go for it is my opinion.

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