Xenos Henchman. A wild flower #2

What have you done to me…?! My eyes..my face..

Only improved you my dear…

…admittedly not your looks but your skills have now improved tenfold.

How dare you mon-keigh swine…!

I am of the Holy Inquisition. I dare anything in His cause! You are now another one of my tools my dear.

Never call me your dear again and I am no mon-keigh tool..

Inquisitor Xung responds to a bewildered Ilieth, former exodite princess after she awakenes post optic bionics surgery.




My wild flower now has a name and a background. It just clicked in place as I reworked her.

She’s always been a borderline Eldar – Dark Eldar miniature so she being an exodite now makes sense (she was originally meant for a Dark Eldar kill team). That she was a princess is easy to see by her noble bearing and this only enhance the tragedy that has befallen her. Still, her defiance of Xung is strong and her patience infinite.

I think I know how I’ll paint her. She will bear the base Merciless colours but in a dark and brooding way. Fitting of her role in the warband and her hatred of her new master, Xung.



5 thoughts on “Xenos Henchman. A wild flower #2

  1. Odie says:

    Looks good.

  2. Adam Wier says:

    Really neat looking model! You have integrated her head remarkably well into the model, merging together her hair beautifully. The bionic eye looks great too, the size of it working well to represent the difference between Eldar and human technology. Great idea to include a member from the mysterious Eldar in your Inquisitor’s party. He and his crew is turning out to be quite something to behold!

    • Really appreciate your analysis of her Adam, thank you 🙂 I mentioned it somewhere else but this build just made itself in a way (if that makes sense?). She’s pure bonus in this warband as I only found her in my bitz boxes while searching for the xenos muscle henchman. Though I think she’s a perfect fit here and will take a rightfully

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