Xenos henchman. A wild flower #4

Ilieth is getting some colours though I need some thoughts and ideas on a couple of issues.


I still need to paint some embroidery on the cloak, the rifle and the base.


The issues I need help with:

1) should the gems stay green or should I change those due to green lenses?

2) I’m thinking bone coloured rifle. Opinions?

3) cloak will be black but I’ll do some embroidery on it. Eldar – Imperial or a mix? Oh and what colour, white embroidery?



7 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. A wild flower #4

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    What issues are you facing? Looks to be going in a cool direction so far, I like it

    • Just on those questions I posed regarding gems, rifle and embroidery on the cloak

    • Ruins of Arotha says:

      Scrap that, missed the bottom of the post. Yeah a bone coloured rifle will work great. As for cloak, Eldar would fit better me thinks, but it all depends on what you have in mind. Go red or blue lenses, breaks the colour a little 🙂

  2. Stannley says:

    I actually like the contrast of green against the red. I would stick with that. Also like the colour of the gun as it is, because it makes the mini looks darker and that’s kinda how I roll with mine. Embroidery – white I think. Or maybe the same colour as the gems/lenses to tie it in.

    • Cheers for the comments 🙂

      I think it’ll be purple gems. Her armour is a symbol of something lost, in brutal fashion. Blood purple lenses, glossy fits that bill. I think.

      As for the rifle. I actually think I’ll run with bone. I just feel that it will enhance the alien aspects of Ilieth.

      Embroidery someone said bone and I really like that idea. Found some cool patterns in an old Eldar codex I’ll try to copy.

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