Xenos henchman. A wild flower #5

Done a bit more work on Ilieth. I think she’s nearing completion.


So the gems stayed green. They just worked and I don’t feel they interfere with the green lenses.


The rifle is bone but very dark and weathered bone. I think this is a good compromise between having bone and it being a sniper rifle.


Finally on the free hand on the cloak, or embroidery if you will. On one hand a bit busy on another.. Bah I don’t know tbh.



6 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. A wild flower #5

  1. Stannley says:

    I like the embroidery. Yeah it’s a little busy and draws the eye, but it’s still nicely done. Also like the darker bone on the rifle too. Looks better than being bleached white.

  2. Odie says:

    I like her. She might need more Inquisition markings though.

  3. Ooh – I step away from the computer for a few days and the world moves on at a rapid pace. She looks great! Love the checkers and the embroidery. The red and the bone complement each other well too.

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