Xenos henchman. Sslyth #1


Snakes that try to act and dress like men—how could anyone trust such a creature?“— Arch Militant Kestral Overmears


I can.” – Inquisitor Xing


I’m exceedingly happy with this build, everything just clicked. Actually quite similar to Ilieth.


What really got me worried is painting this miniature in a cool serpent scheme. Anyone got any ideas, hints and or tips?


Next though will be some greenstuff on this female sslyth (still nameless ) but first some more henchmen.



8 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Sslyth #1

  1. Stannley says:

    Maybe look for example snakes in the wild, see if there are any you like, then copy that pattern, but I would suggest exchanging the colours for something more alien, like purples or turquoise maybe.

    • Yeah I want something intricate that really catches the eye and downplay the armour with black as on Mean-machine. I once saw a daemonette rider with a really cool pattern. I’ll see if I can find that image again.

  2. Stannley says:

    Try coolminiornot. Think I saw one on there.

    If you want to tie it in with the other models, maybe use dark reds and blacks. That would look cool!

  3. Stannley says:

    If you feel up to the challenge – diamond back rattlesnakes have a great pattern. Just swap the lighter centre colour for red and the outer diamond for black. Just remember to leave the belly light coloured.

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