Xenos henchman. Genestealer hybrid #1


He is a useful tool but his loyalty lies not with me nor the Imperium of Man. – Inquisitor Xing



I’m a massive fan of MrSaturday so this is a mini homage to his work.

He has a close combat role in the warband. His size is not an indication of his prodigious strength and ferocity.


I need to add some bionics just to bring him into line with the rest.



6 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Genestealer hybrid #1

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Awesome looking conversion! He is a very convincing genestealer hybrid. I really like his enlarged right arm. It contrasts really nicely with his somewhat short and stocky body and legs (he really does look like he will be mighty in close combat).

    Keep up the great work! Your rapid progress is impressive. ­čÖé

    • Thanks Adam ­čÖé I’m very glad to hear that it’s a convincing build as I actually struggled quite a bit with it. Next stage will be working on smaller details to further individualize him – this will hopefully lead to a name and background for him ­čÖé

  2. Ridel Fran├žois says:

    I like your work of creation! I also tried of to embody a genestealer. I am at present in the paint. I am going to follow it of meadows. Good luck !!
    Fran├žois Ridel

  3. Ridel Fran├žois says:

    No problem with pleasure I take photos and you sending gives I only an address. I shall also close if you want other photos of my walker seen on iron sleet.

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