Traveller #5


Do you hear with eyes?
The universe is crunching
After the war… silence
Not in the black hole of stretched time


You once had blood in your veins
The blood so black it hurts
Remembrance is torn away
I offer cosmos in my design


Apologist and Aposteos commented over on Ammobunker that the traveller really looked like Nemesis the Warlock. I didn’t catch the reference but Google provides – indeed the similarities are there! But I won’t paint mine green.

Okay so over to some more pics.


Very pleased with the folds I made here. Clay shapers are a godsend! I’m not done, still more to do on both the cloak and hood in this section.


The chaos sorcerer torso is mildly put a bit more buff than a flagellant. So I had to add more thickness to the cloth making the transition better. I still need to fix the old cloak and make some more cloth over his back. Feet is also something I need work more on.



2 thoughts on “Traveller #5

  1. Wudugast says:

    I’m following this one with interest, keen to see how he ends up. The Orc weapon is an inspired choice for Traveller’s head, and I like how his pose appears braced against the movement of the barge. Not entirely sure about the cape though – I think it’ll work well when he’s standing on the barge but might seem a little odd and over-the-top if you have him separately (which I presume is an option as he’s based separately?)

    Rather taken with Guide as well, I may end up stealing the idea and making something similar as a little Tzeetchian familiar for one of my sorcerers.

    • Thanks mate 🙂 as I’ve mentioned previously, this build has been years in the making – though now I feel as if I’ve cracked the code so to speak. I agree that it’s an overly dramatic pose off the barge, though I have an idea for just that scenario I think everyone will enjoy.
      Who cannot like Guide, and who wouldn’t be guided by him 🙂

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