Xenos henchman. Krootox rider #2

Resubscribed on Visions and the first issue I got was this month (just received it yesterday, thought I wouldn’t get until May). In that issue was a very cool krootox rider – so I tore mine apart!


One thing that differs from the version in Visions is that I imperialised him up here. The piece really needed that!


I’m a lot more happy now. Krootox just need a bit greenstuff and he’s done. The rider needs a bit more work so I’ll get back to him in the next part.



6 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Krootox rider #2

  1. Ridel François says:

    Hi Tommy! I likes the concept I am press to see the ended and painted model! Small question, the foot of the machine gun is directly fixed to the animal or there are belts to hold the set? As a harness?

    • Hey Ridel 🙂
      Thanks for the support! It’s a cloth that is part of the sculpt that holds the foot of the stubber. It’s meant to be like that on the original model as well though it’s a different weapon on the stock krootox.

  2. Ross says:

    Dude you’re powering through these guys! Keep em coming 😀

  3. Odie says:

    Pretty cool. I like that leg.

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