Battle report: CARNAGE

This week it’s another round with the awesome Carnage scenario. 4 way mayhem!

We play the scenario like this. 
– 4 players
-750 points a side
– 4 turns
– Primary objective in centre of the battlefield – 3 vp.
– Secondary objectives as normal
–  Deployment, in each corner.18 inches from centre and between the players
– We throw seize the initiative each turn to mix things up. We go chronological per dice result


Tommy (me) with Orks


Ask with Space Marines


Sneaky reserves git.

Hallvard with Space Wolves


Another sneaky reserves git..

Trond with Space Marines


The SMURFS are out to get me!

Turn 1
Hallvard seized and go straight for Trond with a deep striking dreadnought. Only takes one HP off one of the predators. So much for an alpha strike.


Ask goes next but his land raider failed the dangerous terrain test and is stuck. Lol!


LR tried to use its multimelta against the morkanaut but failed to penetrate.

Trond is up next. He doesn’t muck around and start shooting straight away. Though his shooting is mostly ineffective only taking a single hp off the drop pod and killing one long fang.

I’m last. My ork boyz go for linebreaker against Ask and primary. The rest shoots. Lootas only take 1 hp off the drop pod but the SAG takes it out earning me first blood. Nothing much happened after that as I failed to penetrate the lr with my morkanaut.

Orks: 1
BR: 0
SM: 0
SW: 0

Turn 2
Hallvard seized again..
His dread goes against Trond. He really wants that dread. Assaulting it and explodes it without any effort. The blast killing two marines.


Trond is next. His reserves are obviously afraid of the dread and stays off. The rest however must deal with the threat immediately. It is in vain though as the shield resist the meltas hammering it.

Ask’s turn. His reserve come straight on and fly towards the center. His marines leg towards the center too.


LR fires it’s multimelta against the morkanaut but the kff saves the day. Storm talon takes two hp off the SW rhino.

My turn. I’m last. Again..
Boyz aim for the same as last turn. I then start shooting. Lootas take down the SM storm talon. SAG takes 5 SM from Ask. I love the SAG ❤
I then assault the SM lr but only inflicted 1 hp. Shit..


Orks: 1
BR: 0
SM: 0
SW: 0

Turn 3
Trond seized. His reserved storm talon comes on the board.
He then prepares to take down the dread by utilizing a trait I can’t remember.


The shield holds hard and he only suffers 1 hp. The sneaky talon however glanced it too death.
Predator then glanced the SW rhino to a wreck forcing the passengers to disembark.


Trond then targets the long fangs, killing 1.

My turn. Boyz run for the primary, morkanaut back them up.
I. Then shooting. Lootas takes 1 hp off the talon. Morkanaut failed to injure the SM squad. SAG (running for MVP btw) shoots at Trond, rolling a vortex in the process (yay fucking YAY!). I kill 3 marines, rest of the squad leg off the board. Dreadnought glanced to death and pred lost a wound. Vortex is remains in play in Trond’s deployment zone.
I. The assault phase my other boys mob glanced the SM land raider to a wreck.

Ask’s turn. Move his remaining squad towards the primary and shot at the nearest boyz, killing two.

Hallvard goes last. His squad goes on the primary and then starts shooting at Ask who’s nearest. Killing the squad and wounding the warlord.


All alone..

Orks: 1
BR: 0
SM: 0
SW: 3

Turn 4
I go first. Boyz go for primary, morkanaut in support.
I then throw down some dakka. SAG (MVP for sure!) takes out half of the SW on the primary. Lootas kill the SM warlord and I net so 5 vp so far. That tables Ask and his SM.


Over to Trond.
Storm talon aim for my boyz holding primary. Morkanaut is too far away to provide a invulnerable save as they runned ahead..


Trond then aim for slay the warlord against Hallvard. Hallvard saves like a boss though and only lose 1 dude. Passes his break test barely. Talon then shots at my boyz on the primary killing 3. I lose the primary..

Hallvard is last the lucky git. His last guys move unto the primary, I’m too far away to contest it so he’s basically won already.


He tries to fry the nearest boyz but failed to cast it. Then shots at them but only killed one.

Orks: 3
BR: 0
SM: 0
SW: 3

I actually forgot I had first blood as well as linebreaker and slay the warlord. Hallvard is a class act and reminded us.
So a double draw!

Post game
Fun and fast game. Been ages since I used the SAG but he sure as shit earned his keep! Also fun to play a more traditional list again and actually succeed with it.

Good game!


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