Alton the Reborn

Alton the Broken knight.

Formerly under the Pact Morbidia.

Now in the Household of Legio Magna.

Reborn in fire.

Alton the Reborn


My broken knight was temporarily a part of my Iron Grenadiers.

Though he was soon cast away again, collecting dust..

Now he has undergone a reconstruction from deconstruction and under his new banner he will support my Dark Mechanicus.


Modified combat weapon with integrated heavy stubber.

Basically, this has been a difficult build for me but now I feel I’m where I want with it. Still some work left but now I’m excited about it.



8 thoughts on “Alton the Reborn

  1. Laertes says:

    Looking good so far, I especially like the Zombie Dragon head used as an helmet. And that Soulgrinder arm in the place of the chainsword is sweet too. Personally I would add other bone-bits all over it, to make it a giant walking skeleton, the incarnation of death, but that’s just my fixation with overexaggerating. 😉 Which colours are you going to paint it in?

    • Cheers mate 🙂
      That helmet was fiddly as hell but worth it. There will be more skulls and stuff like that, this is just the first stage
      I bought a load of different yellows so something in that line.

      • Laertes says:

        Maybe a Knight from the Legio Fureans, which betrayed during the Heresy? What’s better than yellow with black flames? 😀

      • Ooo, I was thinking Magna due to all of the skulls and obscure history. I’ll check that legio as well.

      • Laertes says:

        I didn’t know about Legio Magna before, but their colour scheme is interesting as well, and you are right: the skulls theme would be most appropriated for your model

      • Me neither but google provides 😀 I’ll lean more towards yellow and black as the dominant colors and use red as supplement. A lot like g.hawke / Skralls Legio Morbitos knight. Google it and you’ll see my visual reference.

  2. jimmygrill1 says:

    *insert laughter of dark gods*


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