Xenos henchman. Zoat Battle psyker #4

Neekeethus Agiusteus is now ready for his basecoat.


I’m really uncertain on how I’ll paint him but I’m thinking a green or brown type of lizard color. I’m also a bit uncertain if I’ll paint him as a dragon ogre. Meaning split scheme between the humanoid part and the animal part.


He’ll actually be the last Merciless member for a while as I’m preparing an Antagonist gang and that distraction I’ve mentioned has arrived.


Back to Neekeethus. I think I’ve teched him up pretty good and a paintjob will pull it all together.




4 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Zoat Battle psyker #4

  1. Really cool conversion. I like it a lot !!

    • Cheers mate 🙂 it’s been tricky figuring it out but having to deal with metal miniatures isn’t a limitation it just opens other possibilities you didn’t think about compared to plastic where you can glue any two parts together if you so wish.

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