2_Battle reports: Skitarii vs Chaos Daemons


Finally got the chance to test out the brand new skitarii codex versus some Chaos Daemons today.

Two games no less 🙂

Good times!

Pre-game stuff
750 points
Mission: Cleanse and control
Primary: achieve as many tactical objectives as possible
Secondary, slay the warlord, first blood, linebreaker
Deployment: Vanguard strike

He had:


Chaos Daemons CAD
Daemon Prince
Exalted flamer
2*10 horrors
4 screamers
3 flamers

I had:


Skitarii Maniple
– 2 plasma calivers
– omnispex
– Alpha (warlord), phosphor blast pistol

– 3*arc rifles
– omnispex

5*Sicarian Ruststalkers
– two transonic blades
– infoslave skull

2*Onager Dunecrawlers
– neutron lasers

Warlord traits:
– Skitarii: artificier armament
– Daemons: herald of doom

Psychic powers: 
– Skitarii: nil
– Daemons: flickering fire, firestorm, infernal gateway

The game
I rolled highest and opted to go first. Alec tried to seize but failed. I scout moved everything but the Onagers.

Turn 1
I moved my skitarii units in range of the flamers to get first blood.
In the shooting phase I boosted my bs with 2. The skitarii then proceeded to annihilate the flamers without a problem. Alpha strike indeed! The onagers then targeted the screamers. Luckily one scattered unto the daemon prince. I killed the two screamers and then instant killed the daemon prince. I also get a vp for objective 3 and 2 tactical vp for killing the warlord. What. A. Start.


Alex moved his screamers up one flank while hugging cover with the rest. He then cast some psychic witchfire on me killing 3 vanguard. Poof.


Skitarii: 5

Turn 2
I move my skitarii and stalkers forward again. Boost my bs with 3. I target the horrors and killed 3 with the rangers. The onagers only saw the chariot but failed to wound it..
Crappy turn with no vp but my first was pretty awesome so no complaints. Yet..

Alex gets in his second horrors squad from reserve. Moved his screamers closer to me.


Then tried to cast some stuff but failed. He then charged my stalkers.


Poor rolls from both but I lose with 1 but hold.

Skitarii: 5
Daemons: 0

Turn 3
My rangers and vanguard moved up. Boost my bs with 1. Rangers shoots at the screamers killing them. Vanguard is now in prime range of the pink horrors but they go to ground  and I only killed 3 there. Onagers had another poor round but I still love them.
In the assault he takes a wound killed a stalker but I took two in return.

Alex hides his horrors some more. He then cast flickering fire on the vanguard killing two and made me fail the ld test. I falled back 8 inches..bah!
In the assault I killed the chariot taking no wounds in return.


Skitarii: 5
Daemons: 0

Turn 4
Quick turn. Moved forward, shoot at the horrors and killed one.

Alex conceded this turn as he lost his luster after my first brutal alpha strike.

I win 5-0.

Post game thoughts

Well what can I say but that was something else. To neutralize someone so hard so fast.

With such a speedy game we went for another game. Surely my luck couldn’t last?

Pre-game 2
Everything the same. I rolled highest and opted to go first. He failed to seize.


Turn 1
Scout moved the stalkers and vanguard.
Stalkers moved unto objective 2 for 1 vp, Onager already has a vp for objective 6.

I boosted my bs with 3. Onagers killed two flamers but leaving 1 unscathed. And that’s what I managed..

Alex goes next. Flyes his dp up in the middle and dropped the portal glyph in front of the rangers.


Flamer target the vanguard in the ruins.

Over to the psychic phase. He has a ridiculous amount of dice..
DP failed to cast against the stalkers but succeded against the rangers. Killed 3. Horrors cast against the stalkers and killed 1.


The exalted shoots at the stalkers but I managed the cover save. Puh.

Skitarii: 2
Daemons: 0

Turn 2
My vanguard mount the top of the ruins. Rangers stand still while the stalkers go for the horrors.

I boosted bs with 1.

Vanguard killed the flamer. First blood and two tactical vp. Onagers killed two horrors. Rangers failed to wound the dp.

I then assault the horrors with the stalkers.


Killed 3, suffered none in return. A further 2 died from daemonic instability.

Alex turn. Screamers target the vanguard, dp against the rangers. Exalted on objective 2.

In the psychic phase the dp killed 4 rangers and made them flee..

The exalted then boosted towards objective 3 and rangers while the screamers go for the onagers.


In the assault my stalkers killed another two but he rolled very low and we’re still locked in combat.

Skitarii: 5
Daemons: 0

Turn 3
Rangers rally. My onagers back up a bit to shoot at the screamers.

Boost my bs with 2. I want those screamers dead! Before I die…

Vanguard then let loose. And oh boy how they do! They killed the screamers outright 😀  nothing more to do as I can’t see anything but onagers take 1 vp for objective 6.

Alex goes next. Summoned 5 horrors from the portal. Land his dp so he can assault something next turn. Exalted goes for the rangers. They’re in trouble..

Psychic he gets 10 dice but failed everything. Double puh.

Shooting the exalted fries the rangers. Not their game.


Alex got 2 vp. Objective 3 and destroying a unit.

Daemons: 2

Turn 4
My vanguard goes for objective 4 in the center. I have 2 vp waiting there. The onagers move back to shoot at the dp. Stalkers goes for the forest to camp for linebreaker.

Shooting. Stalkers and vanguard run. Onagers shoot but the dp managed his cover save. Shit.


Alex. Portal didn’t spawn anything. Dp jumped towards the onagers. Exalted drawing a bead on onagers but was out of range.

Psychic. Horrors target the stalkers and killed one. In the shooting phase the same horrors moved unto objective 2.

Dp then charged the onagers, overwatch missed. He wrecked one I didn’t do anything in return.

Skitarii: 6
Daemons: 5

Turn 5
Not a lot to do. Stalkers hide in the forest. Vanguard run unto objective 4.

Shooting. Nothing as I have no range or visual. Assault. Dp smashes the last Onager.

I score 2 vp for objective 4.


Alex. Everything goes for the vanguard.
Portal doesn’t spawn.

Psychic. Cast flickering on the vanguard with success. Go figure 😉 killed 4 vanguard. I run.

Exalted moved unto objective 4 for 1 vp and 1 for me failing the test.

Game ended. I had linebreaker and he got warlord since the coward was running.

Skitarii: 9
Daemons: 8

I win. Again 🙂

Post-game thoughts
Those where two great games and I learned a lot. Skitarii are really fast actually and I didn’t feel that was a hindrance. T3 however is rough!

I won’t do any changes to the list but next time I’ll play with a bit more points so I can try the knight.


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4 thoughts on “2_Battle reports: Skitarii vs Chaos Daemons

  1. Great battle report, what mat do you use for your table?

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