Alton the Reborn #4


Alton is finally ready for his basecoat. Massive WiP picdump.

A picture says more than a thousand words so this’ll be worth several thousands 😉


I didn’t do a lot of details on this side. He’s a bit half-face there.


A more going on here. I really like the daemon fused weapons.


This’ll be a fun detail to paint.


My greenstuff skills are improving but I’m still a noob there.


Simple add-on but does a lot to the overall aesthetic.


I’ll probably hate myself for adding so many skulls but it’s a very cool detail. Like the skull on the knee pad.


Speaking of skulls..don’t know exactly how I’ll go about painting this but I’ll figure something out.


This is one of the things I’m the most excited to paint.


I guess this detail is something not everyone will like but I’ve done it for a reason. Be patient with me here.


I like that he’s not mutated at all. I don’t necessarily think darkmech would mutate like normal. Or not always at least.


Looks messy but it’ll come together eventually.


See how tense his body language is? Fits really well with Alton’s pose.


More ruins. We’ll learn more about the surroundings as the project develops.


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2 thoughts on “Alton the Reborn #4

  1. Wudugast says:

    Looking good, lots of nice little details in there (at least some of which I’ll probably nick for my own Knight!) Now lets see some paint on him eh!

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