Centurion and his tech-cultist bodyguard


Needed to spruce up the yellow on these to match the walkers.

Primus Pilus has been through wars..


Though do not underestimate this..creature..



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4 thoughts on “Centurion and his tech-cultist bodyguard

  1. Joe B. says:

    very creepy! While the yellow isn’t as rich as your walkers, it could be ok. They look similar enough to fit together without being uniform. That cyclopean eye is just great

    • Cheers mate 🙂 it isn’t as rich as the vehicles but that’s practically impossible I think. But it looks good together so it’s all good.
      Aye the vanguard heads are great imo, don’t understand the fuss some people are stirring about those.

  2. Ross says:

    Brother I’m loving your work on these guys! I’ve been meaning to comment more, but I can’t seem to keep up with the speed of your progress 😉 keep it up brother!

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