Cult of the Red Crown – future plans


Nearing the completion of the Skitarii part of my Dark Mechanicus army it’s time to look ahead in terms of my plans as I’ve now got everything I need.

Chaos Knight titans
Alton the Reborn sets a tall order to follow up but getting a painting prize for him has made me very determined to not slack in either converting nor painting. The base model for Alton I got second hand and luck has it that I got three more second hand knights for half price!


The paladin will keep his armament and will be the first knight to be added to “active duty”. The errant will be rebuilt into a gallant and the last one still on sprues will be a crusader built as an old school warden.

So basically a shitload of work but it’ll give me a lot of flexibility in regards to type of knights I can use and I can even field them as a standalone army. Score!

At one point I almost didn’t think there would be anymore releases for admech but lo and behold – GW answered our prayers! I took the same approach as with the skitarii release and bought what I thought looked best. Here’s my tally.


I will actually build the Holy Requisitioner formation with breachers as it gives my army something it lacks at the moment. No drop pods for me! 😉
The Dominus will be the base for at least two if not three models. I have plans!

Even or simply because of the distraction of a lot of new toys I need to keep my focus and complete the first installment of 750 points skitarii.


The last Onager. After that it’s three horrorstalkers and jobs a gud un!


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