Skitarii maniple and Oathsworn knight


The martial arm of the Cult guards one of their sacred grails.. 😉

With the Horrorstalkers finished it marks the completion of 750 points worth of skitarii maniple and an errant at 375 points. Next I’ll prioritize the Paladin..

image that will complete the same 1500 points list I had at the regional tournament – Northern Battlefields 2.

Parallel to that I’ll work on the (un)Holy Requisitioner formation..

image me when I say I have some great plans in store 🙂

For those following my blog, you’ll probably remember that 2 of my knights are not represented here. That’s because even one knight is so time consuming and complicated to work on to get them where I want to that I can only do one of those at a time.


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