Age of Sigmar. First game impressions.


Had my first AoS game today! I used my O&G versus Anders and his Khorne Chaos Warriors.

Here’s my impressions from the game 🙂

We fielded quite large armies. I used pretty much all of my O&G:


Orc Warboss
Orc Shaman
Orc bullly
NG Warboss
2 NG shamans
20 Orcs
44 Night Goblins
14 cave squigs
7 herders
5 River trolls
2 spear chukkas
1 Doom diver
1 Pump wagon
1 wolf chariot

This is 169 wounds.

Anders had:


1 khorne general on juggernaught,
1 khorne hero
1 wizard
28 warriors
10 hounds
1 shrine
2 chariots
1 giant

1 daemon prince in reserve.

This is 124 wounds.

The game
The mechanism of rolling for initiative each turn I’m very fond of as it can really swing the tide both ways.

Having the hero phase first will take some getting used to as it is here you potentially set up for the big smash in your turn. I kinda rushed this phase and as I wasn’t that well prepared I didn’t utilize it to its fullest potential. Creating synergy with your general and your wizards are key before you dedicate yourself to an action.

The movement phase is still very important. Remember that if you want to run, this is when to do it. We both went for a widespread approach and I think this leads to the issue many have described as “boring”. More on that later.

In the shooting phase I was positively surprised. My spear chukkas and doom diver was very potent, especially together with an orc bully getting buffs. And here’s where I’m really starting to repeat myself. Synergies is the way to go. It will make the most underwhelming units relevant again or maybe for the first time even.

But the true bread and butter phase is the charge phase. Is it a no brainer phase…? Well I think not. If you go one on one like me and Anders did you will get several clumps of borefest that will drag out in time. If you with a well planned assault and buffed forces attack with full focus on a weak spot you’ll tear your opponent apart. I also really liked the alternating way of working through the combats. Thinking ahead here can put you in a great position without taking that much damage in return. Not planning will hurt you.


Then for the final phase, Battleshock. I can readily imagine why this one has been very damaging on people in games so far. Because you underestimate the need for those oh so vital – wait for it – synergies 😉

All in all though I thoroughly enjoyed the game. It was new and exciting and things worked in entirely new ways. Magic wasn’t a gamebreaker and things where very well balanced in my view.

While it was useful using everything just to get a feel for what my units actually do now the next game will be with only half the wounds I had now and a lot more tuned list that hopefully synergies well.

So in short, I can’t wait until next time 🙂


PS: I won by killing 7% more than him 😉

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4 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar. First game impressions.

  1. Ross says:

    Glad you enjoyed it brother! It’s actually piqued my interest in fantasy again, so good in my book! What are your thoughts on the alleged lack of balance that the internet is banging on about?

    • Aye, it was great fun 🙂
      Well you do have to agree with your opponent on roughly size but how different is that from 40k today and agreeing on type of game? I found it very balanced gamingwise as everything felt very right and there where no deadweight.

  2. Shinza says:

    Nice pics and BR man, enjoyed the read. What are the particular synergies you found very helpful, and except for our artillery what units’ performance were you most positively surprised about?

    • Cheers mate 🙂 well for me the night goblins where really good. They along with the fanatics and the ng warboss really stuck it out and gave me the W.

      Personally I fervently hope that goblins or whatever they’re called now get to shine when the new stuff for greenskins come because they are without a doubt the coolest thing ever 🙂

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