Age of Sigmar. Guilty pleasures


AoS is distracting me from what I should be doing but I’m kinda liking it still 🙂

I mentioned in my previous post the similarities AoS has with Blood Bowl. Oh and Skaven. Oh wondrous skaven 🙂

So you know what, I got hold of some second hand, ordered two of the newest kit and started finding bitz and bobs I can use.

I have a very strong idea on what I want to do and now it’s attainable.


Just need to finish that Morbitos knight of mine 😉


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5 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar. Guilty pleasures

  1. Levi says:

    Good to hear that you like AoS! Amongst the hate I see more and more people finding their way in AoS and enjoying it. It makes me want to finally start my Lizardmen army (albeit a small force) and play some fun narritive games 😀

    • Exactly 🙂 I’m very certain everything will come into place as time goes. Remember, 40k was first dumbed down heavily before they started introducing all the new stuff. Now 40k is immensely varied and fun. I think AoS is on the same path 🙂

      Sounds great mate, have fun 🙂

  2. archonthrax says:

    I’m tempted to go for 1 of everything 😛

    It really seems to open up for some really cool themes, smaller warbands and all that jazz 🙂


  3. Payce says:

    The title picture sums up me and music perfectly 😛

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