Morbitos #3


The first stage of his transformation soon complete – Morbitos, the daemon possessed Paladin thirsts for war..

Everything looks kinda tacked on right now and yeah, it pretty much is. I now have to let everything dry properly so I can start greenstuffing and get this git ready for paint. Note the large gargoyle head on the cannon. A rather risky part but I’m hopeful I can pull it off.


After a suggestion from Ben over on BoLS (cheers btw 🙂 ) I partly possessed the ccw arm. I think this little detail really ties the arm with the rest of the build.


As I started with the large chaos star on Alton I just have to keep that line. Looks like utter shit right now but as I know it paints up great I can live through it 😉

Building Alton and Morbitos has also given me a pretty good idea on what I’m going to do with the Gallant and Crusader I’ll build as the two last titans. Can’t wait to play a knight on knight battle against Ref and his knights and that’s a huge part of the motivation for me 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Morbitos #3

  1. Odie says:

    Looks good. I actually like the partial star. I’d take the possessed arm farther though – push the corruption to a crazy level.

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