Age of Sigmar. Shanked?!


Okay so today I was actually kinda shocked. I mean the Great Horned Rat usurping Slaanesh and taking his/hers chair – WTH!

Now I love skaven and as I’ve mentioned earlier they’ll be my first pure AoS army. But usurping Slaanesh, I mean wow! It is so in character of the race but at the same time it’s so tragic because I really like Slaanesh and always felt it was one of the more iconic deities. However if it’s correct, it still looks like the followers are in the game. What role will they take and how does it all pan out.

On a hobby related note I’m almost done with the bases and my first skaven miniature that will be the template for the army. More on that tomorrow.

However today is occupied with the whole usurping deal. I feel equal parts of dread and excitement for the answer tbh 🙂 What do you feel?


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5 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar. Shanked?!

  1. Payce says:

    I have to disagree here. Larry is making a rather sensationalist conclusion to pure speculation.

    – Slaanesh is mentioned, by name and with illustration, several times. This suggests he is not going anywhere (or they would have just silently erased him).
    – The symbol at the bottom of the scenery piece doesn’t exactly scream skaven to me, the sleek circlular design is far too elegant for skaven aestethics. My money is on Morathi.
    – It doesn’t really say anywhere that the Great Horned Rat replaces Slaanesh, only that he ascends. It does, however, say in black and white that Slaanesh’s throne is empty. No rats on it.

    My guess is, Slaanesh will return in a campaign or supplement, quite possibly to coincide with the Aelf release. This whole Slaanesh panic enveloping rumour sites is starting to get a little boring, given all the facts that Slaanesh is not removed, only deliberately being plot-hooked into something or other.

    • Levi says:

      Agreed. The whole Slaanesh’s empty throne thing make people come up with wild speculations. “So his throne is empty? Geedubz killed off the Dark Prince! Baww!” It just says the throne is empty, Slaanesh is probably still out there. The plot is advancing, the world is advancing, so why not the chaos gods? Stuff happens to people and gods alike.

      Granted, I haven’t read much of this rumour (I’ve been avoiding that kinda articles and the nerdrage like a plague), so I don’t know how much the Skaven are involved. But it’s best to wait and see when the full story hits. In any case, these are pretty exciting times and the lore get’s a good shake up, that’s for sure! Which I personally find a very bold move, but an interesting one.

  2. Indeed, great comments and thoughts both of you.

    I think that the fact they’re willing to continue the shock and awe factor from ET is equal parts exciting and scary. What will happen with the storyline and its participants? I for one am very positive to it all. So far at least 🙂

    • Payce says:

      I think the fact that they are adding a fifth Chaos deity that isn’t Malal in itself is quite interesting. Given that Nagash is already ascended to a deity as well, it shifts the pantheon paradigm of the setting radically. It will be interesting to see how Khaine and Isha fits in.

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