AoS. A new beginning, with Skaven!


Enough of the AoS speculation, time for the fun stuff and what I do best – miniatures!

Parallel to painting Morbitos, my second chaos knight I’ve been working on bases and getting together the first skaven. I’ve started with a skaven warlord converted from the Headtaker miniature. I first low scaled everything as this one will be just a generic warlord for the smallest games.


I will add more techy bitz to him as I go on but I need to study the stormfiends and the boneripper model more closely first. I’ve got a ton of admech spares so I should be good.


At this stage though the thing I’m most pleased with is the base. I’ve collected dry timber, bark and sand and rocks from around my home. I plan on a rich woodland style of base.


I’m going to the cabin for the weekend but the warlord and 10 clan rats are coming with me and I’ll update from there.


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