AoS. Clan Ektrik.


Points or not. Still need some good old clan rats!

Before I start properly I must apologize for the pictures. I’m at the cabin and making do with the little I managed to bring along.

With the help of Payce from LD10 we found a pretty obscure clan that I could work from. Here’s a description:

Clan Ektrik – Obsessed with lightning based weapons, they have a fairly standard colour scheme (reds, creams etc) with lightning iconography

I think I’ll modify the color scheme a bit. Not a big fan of cream..still it’s a very nice frame to work from 🙂

I talked a bit about bases yesterday, here’s a pic of the newest batch I made:


They’re actually quite fast to do and I think they should paint up well. Only thing I’m uncertain of is if I’ll do it as woodland or not. After seeing some leaked images from Lady Atia last evening it looks like Skaven are in a more volcanic area. Though having them in a woodland setting with the more steampunk approach on the miniatures will be a great contrast and tell a story of what this “poor” clan has been sent out to do.

Speaking of which. Who would send a small and nondescript clan out on a suicide mission…?


That’s right 😀 I just had to get this miniature, it’s awesome! Hopefully he’s quite good in-game as well.

Thanquol will have to wait though, my generic skaven warlord is due for some more work. More on that tomorrow.


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5 thoughts on “AoS. Clan Ektrik.

  1. greggles says:

    Liking the clans description. If skaven were in 40k, I’d probably have picked them as my second army, as I always felt they had an awesome aesthetic like the orks do. Looking forward to your build ups, and that scheme sounds awesome!

    • Aye I totally agree. When the new skavens where released for ET I think we really got a great preview of their new direction. I hope there will be more in that line as AoS starts releasing the new models.

  2. Wudugast says:

    Well if anyone was going to survive the end of the world its the Skaven. Looking forward to seeing what you do with (possibly) my favourite Warhammer race!

  3. […] and bring an Age of Sigmar force, trying to force a game or two out of Big Boss Red Skullz and his skaven after his own placement games. Because as much as I’m being a bitter old grognard about it, I […]

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