Clan Ektrik goes steampunk


I went for a sleek look on the Doomwheel as it looks less cluttered and more vicious that way.



The base I made turned out really nice and I’m super happy with it!


I like that you get a clear view of the rider.


You can see how snug the base is while it’s still entirely possible to actually see the base.

Remember that boring and generic warlord? Well I pimped him up from this..


…to this!





Basically he’s got the warpforged blade represented in the big ass arm. Shield is held by a servo arm and its all powered via the backpack. I also changed his head with the spare Doomwheel driver head and some other bits. I wanted him to look terrifying. I think I managed that.


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2 thoughts on “Clan Ektrik goes steampunk

  1. gegnar says:

    Are you planning on painting the doomwheel assembled like that?

    I’ve got one lying around and i’m debating on if i should paint the rider first and then assemble it, to more easily reach all the nooks and crannies.

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