What to do..?


With the Cult of the Red Crown project wrapped up (my Dark Mechanicus for those not in the know) I’m honestly at a loss on what I want to make my next big project.

It sure is anti-climatic finishing something is it not? Well it sure is for me…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on the Cult but I feel finished with it and as such I don’t want to force stuff just for the sake of it. Here’s some options I’m thinking about.

40k scenery
If you’re a regular you all know my low fantasy terrain setup on my Frontline Alpine mat by now. It’s nice and stuff but I want buildings and stuff like that. So I’ve ordered some bundles with my Ghal Maraz book. I do have some ideas to make it something other than pure stock and I’m quite looking forward to it.

Skaven for Age of Sigmar


I’m not putting these off but they’re more of a project I want to take my time with, doing stuff now and then. I just don’t want to power through another project in 3 months again. It’s exhausting. Also I don’t see this as a large project, more in line with for example an INQ28 or Blood Bowl project.

All those “almost finished” projects..
Yeah about those..


The remaining DKoK. Only two unfinished tanks here but I’ve got loads in my boxes.


The remaining Chaos Dwarfs. The Destroyer, Warriors and castellan should’ve been finished to complete the army. Only half of it pictured mind.


The stompa and INQ remainders. My backlog is terrible..and I haven’t even showed any of my hoards of boxes!

Alas at the moment and for the unforeseeable future they will remain untouched.

But what about some shiny new toys!
Plastic crack sure hurts..

Here’s some ideas I’m just having that holds my interest.

30K. I’d really like to get in soon especially since the legions I like are starting to emerge. But I’ve yet too enjoy nonetheless keep a marine army. So this one hangs in a thin thread.

Stormcast Eternals. I knew these could be grimdarked the hell out of. Just look at Ex Profundis hero Jake’s take on them here. Ridiculously good. If I get hold of some for a good price or barter this one is very likely.

The ever elusive CSM. This one kinda ties in with the 30k issue but it’s still one of those itches I’ve had for years. I really want a themed slaanesh or tzeentch army. Hmm, maybe the rumoured daemonkin books for the other gods will materialize this project. This one is on limbo

What’s your opinion? Of the above or maybe something entirely different. What would you like to see me do and why?


8 thoughts on “What to do..?

  1. gav says:

    Age of Sigmar terrain? Then grimdark Sigmarines, then the rest of the Skaven so they have a worthy opponent?

  2. greggles says:


  3. François Ridel says:

    End your skavens (to motivate me to paint mine) and after an army of dwarfs for the battles and in 40 k chaos with heights of cultistes with walkers!!!

    • Yeah I’ll continue on the skaven but I need to redo the bases. The finished one is not sitting well with me.
      Other than that I’m actually starting to get an idea. Stay tuned 😉

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