Info-Executioner #1


You have something that is not yours..

– Shezmu, Info-Executioner on the hunt and now heading for Beluga 61

I needed this! I’ve been kinda stuck on what to do as I’ve talked about earlier but after spending some quality time browsing on the Ammobunker for the first time in months. Funny thing is that I’ll base all models for this warband on metal miniatures and take it from there 🙂

So let’s start with Shizmu, the key character and leader of this warband.


He’s actually based on this handsome fella. I just love these old sketches and I’m happy to incorporate stuff like this.


Shizmu is of the Logi order in the Cult Mechanicus and an Info-Executioner, tasked with primarily destroying heretek workings and making sure that information that is dangerous not only is hidden but utterly destroyed. He uses a mix of henchmen that we’ll get back to.


Early WiP days yet but I hope you’re as excited as me and I can promise some real goodies in the pipeline 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Info-Executioner #1

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Wow, this guy is looking really cool! Fabius Bile was a great choice for a foundation for the model and the incorporation of the Tech-Priest Dominus head is just fantastic. The Flechette Blaster was a fitting choice for the model too. I love the machine-pistol look to it.

    The only thing I would look towards modifying is his backpack. What he has now looks too big and cumbersome (and looks to be sort of sagging off his back). You might be able to use a modified Skitarii backpack instead?

    Keep up the great work! I look forward in seeing how he progresses!

    • Thank you Adam 🙂 yeah I guess you’re right on the backpack, luckily I have at least one skitarii backpack left so I’ll switch them and then I think I can hit some greenstuff.

  2. NafNaf says:

    He looks great

  3. Odie says:

    Looks great.

    I don’t recognize that sketch – where is that out of?

  4. greggles says:

    Fantastic work as always. Always so awesome to come and visit here and see what you are working on!

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