Info-Executioner #2 Pariah


The Pariah Gene is an aberrant mutation of the human genetic code which results in the existence of beings colloquially known as Pariahs, outcasts of society.

Very pleased with my little sneaky culexus. I used an old BB Elf player and just added the oop culexus head with a new lense since I lost the old one and hands from the sicarian sprues.

I think that since Shizmu often deals with hereteks he needs to deal with the Maleficorum in a practical manner. Who better than a culexus then? I don’t think I’ve seen many of them in INQ28.


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4 thoughts on “Info-Executioner #2 Pariah

  1. Tony of Nurgle says:

    Sweet work!

  2. Toni says:

    My favorite assassin! BB-elf also works surprisingly well!
    I’ll have a go at the Culexus over the weekend as well

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