Info-Executioner #5 – Truescale Tech-marine


A warning in advance. I don’t know one pattern from the other but here’s my truescale tech-marine.

I haven’t named him yet but he’s apprenticed to Shizmu that’s for sure.


I didn’t really have any particular plan beyond having lots of small details and a big ass gun.


Both gun and legs are from wolf guard terminators.


As a first truescale build not too shabby I think. Opinions?


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8 thoughts on “Info-Executioner #5 – Truescale Tech-marine

  1. Wudugast says:

    Not too shabby at all I’d say. Nice work πŸ™‚ Am I correct in thinking there’s some Karaphron parts in there?

  2. Odie says:

    Looks good and massive.

  3. ejhenries says:

    That’s one hell of a first attempt, bloody good i’d say! The only thing i’d have different is the pose of the left arm, personally i’d swing the forearm inward slightly towards the chest. However, that is the most minor change to an excellent model. Looking forward to showing your truescaler to my housemate; he had a very similar idea but you have well and truly beaten him to it.

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