Battle report. Thunderstrike Brotherhood vs Amen’Atal Sideboob Brigade


My club arranged an open today so I got too test out my brand new Stormcast Eternals army vs Dark Elves.

Won’t be a traditional batrep as I was more focused on actually playing a battleplan with a completely new army.

We played the Ritual from the first book. Dark Elves as the ritualists and Stormcast as disruptors. Mind I kinda assume you have the book and know the basics but if not just ask me in the comments.

Christopher approximately had:
Sorceress on foot
5 shades
10 dryads
20 executioners
2 bolt throwers

I had the Thunderstrike Brotherhood
It’s a Warscroll Battalion with basically the starter set miniatures:
1 Lord Celestant on dracoth
1 Lord Relictor
1 unit of Retributors
1 unit of Prosecutors
2 units of Liberators

The Ritual is a very difficult mission for the disruptors. I have to destroy the artifact which is in his rear deployment zone so I opted to use my Lightning strike rule and not deploy a single unit.  He deployed as to force me into a corner in my deployment zone. Luckily Lightning strike don’t care about such trivial matters.

Victory conditions
I need to shatter the artifact, this gives me a major victory while he wins automatically a major victory if he slays my general and I can’t replace him with a hero. In addition he can win by completing the Ritual which basically takes 4-5 turns with approximately average dices.

The game
As the disruptor I got too choose who started. Iopted for aggression and started by dividing my army to divide his focus.


Using Lightning strike was the most clever move I made though it didn’t go so well after this..

Basically the Thunderstrike brotherhood is quite straightforward and it’s comparison with Space Marines aren’t entirely unfair. I had no shooting beyond the Prosecutors but that didn’t really do much.

In his turn he focused his efforts against my main cluster in his deployment zone. The bolt throwers just devastated me, especially since the command ability of the ritualist buffed one of them. I even lost wounds in the battleshock phase since I lost my chances to use the command ability of the Lord Celestant. Bleh 🙂


He then got to go first in turn two. This really put a proper hurting on me and I lost all but the Lord Celestant and 3 Liberators on the flank. In my turn I pushed hard but the Lord Relictor and his gang didn’t reach combat by only 1/2″ inch. Not my game, lol..
The liberators did though and charged the sorceress while the Lord Celestant charged the Executioners.


Liberators took 2 wounds off the sorceress. Crappy ass dice throwing! The Executioners then obliterated the Lord Celestant. He was already hurting from a named assassin but he wouldn’t have stood a chance nonetheless. Overkill times ten.


In his turn he ganged up on the Liberators that was fighting the sorceress and started to hurt my Lord Relictor. So much so that he won the game when killing him.

Post game thoughts
My nemesis.


Only one of them, lol!

Seriously though. Playing with a battle plan really made a tremendous difference. A proper goal beyond just killing stuff is awesome and despite me making more mistakes than I’d care to list up I think I know what I’ll do next time.

One of them is painting my miniatures to get that sweet painting mojo I need!

Let’s wait and see what Christopher has to say in his report 🙂


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