Beluga 61. Of what’s to come.


Some more pics from our regional tournament and the direction my terrain is taking.

Note that half of the buildings are not mine but a friend’s. We just pooled all of it on this table for the planned games. Looks pretty cool and goes to show how far you can get with a couple of imperial sector boxes 🙂





Though I do think the pictures illustrate why I need more debris, different types of structures to really lift it to another level. Especially since I’m aiming to use it for INQ28 / Inquisimunda / Necromunda.




So even though it’s a lot of work left it looks pretty cool already and I got good feedback from those playing on it 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Beluga 61. Of what’s to come.

  1. This was awesome! Great job Boss! Lovely to see someone actually do something with the 40k buildings. Looking forward to see some battle reports on this one!

    • Cheers ninja 🙂 I do love these buildings and they are great for what they are. But I’m really stoked at getting more custom stuff to really lift it to the next level.
      First batrep will probably be my Horsemen vs a loyalist swine knight household

      • Get your hands on some plasticard, plastic rods and old computer parts especially the fans and you’re soon addicted to scratch building!

      • I’m not unfamiliar with scratchbuilding and I’ve got plenty of plasticard being an ork player and all. I’m now sourcing bits in my cellar and something to use as a base for the various sections 🙂
        I’m more curious on which paints you use since its a lot of paint needed.

  2. I use a mix of paints. For the base coat I usually use GWs chaos black spray. For the large areas I mostly use diluted vallejo air. When airbrushing it doesn’t need to cover so it doesn’t take too much paint actually. For most of the rusty parts I use some cheaper brown paints from Panduro hobby. For details I usually use GWs standard paints.

  3. François Ridel says:

    Beautiful table, but I think that it is necessary to use the box of GM As base and to complete them by scratchbuilding I have to make it since the time that I think of it!!! easier to say that has to make!

    • Yeah definitely agree there. I have a plan now on how I’ll approach it as I want to keep the grimdark style of the stock buildings but personalizing it more towards a Necromunda/Underhive look.

  4. François Ridel says:

    Yes soft verses towards a landscape of Necromunda. I remembers me having seen it in old WD; if I find I sendings you a copy.

  5. Ruins of Arotha says:

    This is so cool. I’d say if you plan to use it for INQ28 etc then defo cram the scenery and rubble etc together more. Probably even shrink the board to 4×4 but use the same amount of terrain here, if not more. Just a thought? Looks like a cool board to play on though 🙂

    • Yeah it looks pretty cool as is doesn’t it 🙂 proper Godzilla style terrain that’ll fit well for a knights vs knights game I’d reckon.
      For INQ28 and Necromunda I’ll definitely shrink the setup. I’ve also started on the first of the custom pieces also so this is going well so far 🙂

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