Info-Executioner #11 – Shizmu


Shizmu the Info-Executioner himself is almost ready for some colours!

Since last time I’ve primarily tried to tidy things up.


The cloak is obvious but I’ve also fixed that skull belt of his.


I really like the presence he has, almost indomitable. Now to figure out how to paint him..


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6 thoughts on “Info-Executioner #11 – Shizmu

  1. Stannley says:

    I really like this guy! Awesome work!

  2. greggles says:

    Always a treat. This guy is especially bittastic in his stance and look!

  3. ejhenries says:

    It is quite tiresome continually complimenting your work. However, very nice use of Fabulous Billy. He looks pretty damned sinister.

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