Info-Executioners #15 – Ready for the hunt..


Finally finished! Man I’ve been enjoying making these but as far as I’m concerned the Info-Executioners journey has just begun 🙂

My main inspiration came from these two pieces of artwork.



The rich red and almost priestly court was something I felt very strongly about recreating. I hope I’ve achieved that.

Let’s look at Shizmu and his retinue in detail.

Shizmu, Info-Executioner


Shizmu was of a complex nature. He had qualities of both light and darkness, but this was not the reason that he was known as a ‘demon’. To the Logi, demons are not necessarily evil in nature. Instead, the term “daemon” was given to Shizmu due to his relation to the underhive..

If Ogdoad is my dark version of a tech priest well then I hope you see the shining white knight in Shizmu. I really like that he’s so robust, just looking strong and immovable.

Albareda, record keeper


An archivist is an information professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to records and archives determined to have long-term value.

Even Shizmu needs to maintain what information he can even though it contradicts his occupation. I kinda like that paradox. Reminds me of western bureaucracy.

Pevsner, master welder


Chief of maintenance on Shizmus personal barge, often doubling in operations as close support with his main tool.

Despite my moniker I actually played a dwarf in Hero Quest which was my entry game and it was also my first army. Now I have my big nose CD army. Dwarfs, demiurgs, squats or whatever you want to call them – they’re all AWESOME.

Hed 3.1, Classiari


Classiarii, a term of obscure meaning within the ancient traditions of the Calixian Mechanicus, believed to mean “mariners.” Nigh-impervious to vacuum, fitted with thick, implanted armour, and equipped with an array of implanted weaponry designed for void combat and combat in the cramped enclosures of a starship, a Classiarius trooper is literally built for ship-to-ship combat.

A very fun miniature to do, I think the shield does the entire miniature. The name is a callback to the shieldmaidens of old though I’m not sure of the sex of this character, nor does it matter.



The Culexus Assassins are the most sinister, feared, and hated of all Imperial Assassins. They are null-entities in the warp, and their unnatural lack of a presence inspiring a sense of unease even in non-psykers. To psykers their mere presence is terrifying, invoking panic. In the confusion caused by this fear, the assassin can move in on its target and eliminate them. To purely psychic entities like daemons, they are invisible.

I think Pariah is still an outcast even in the (in)human company he now is a part of. Even they have a soul..still.
This is also why I avoided red as a way of illustrating his social position.

Gozen 54, tech-assassin


Expendable yet not.

The biological host is only the vessel. Gozen is in reality only the skull and is implanted into a new host. This is number 54 and have already needed augmenting after sustaining battle damage. Yet this is no concern of Gozen.

Absurdly simple conversion and I wasn’t convinced until I painted her. Now she’s one of my favorites. Feminine yet very dangerous.

Hewer, the apprentice


One who is learning a trade or occupation, especially as a member of the Logi order.

I like the chain mail, it links him too Shizmu but clearly as a subordinate. This is also exemplified by his manually operated harness.

Huscarl, the protector


Heavy fire support specialist. This massive, vat-grown cybernetic soldier are as large as Space Marines and were capable of carrying heavy weapons with ease. 

I like the confident pose. He’ll probably be one of my key member providing heavy support fire with his stubber.

Trahern, the Iron Hand


Strong as iron

Definitely another favorite of mine who I’m seriously considering giving some battle brothers.

B-14, the Executioner


Made to inspire fear, to expunge dangerous information in the worst possible manner one could imagine. Who said the Adeptus Mechanicus has lost their humanity..only mankind can imagine such horror.

I don’t really have a good explanation on this one beyond it needed to be made.

I’ve always been so impressed by those like Bruticus who out of nowhere spring fantastic work on us. Now my WiPs are heavily documented but having them all painted in one go is a new one for me though I had my reasons for doing so.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far, and as I started with – it’s only just begun 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Info-Executioners #15 – Ready for the hunt..

  1. Huscarl and Trahern are my favourites but they all look fantastic. Great choice on colour scheme man. Great Blog too.

  2. Odie says:

    Really well done. This is a great and twisted group – should be a lot of fun to play with. I especially like the use of old metal figs as the basis for some of these. It really helps to add some extra variety that you don’t see very often.

    • Cheers Odie 🙂 I hope so!
      A lot of the metal miniatures are excellent models in many ways with an aesthetic you don’t get today. That was something I wanted to channel through my miniatures.

  3. Wudugast says:

    Wow, those went from WIP to done fast! Yet again I tip my hat to the speed at which you turn out great models. Looking forward to seeing the next step for the Info-Executioners.

  4. François Ridel says:

    Inspired conversions, beautiful painting, j ‘ really love the executioner!
    And what a speed of realization!!!
    Give me the name of your medicine !!!!

  5. Joe B. says:

    The colors and style look amazing! Its awesome how each has a name and story as well. Its great how you use some classic metal models and make something completely new out of them like Shizmu. Fantastic work!

  6. […] Okay so next will be the greenstuffing and then I’ll paint them all in one go as I did with the Info-Executioners. […]

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