Blood Bowl. Man I’m rusty!


Had my first game of BB for ages in this tournament pack tune-up game!

I used my Undead/Necromancer team as count-as Khemri. I just wanted to test it as it’s the only undead team I’ve never played with.

Basically the tournament pack rules states a team value of 1,1 million and based on tier a number of skills.

Here’s my roster for the Stirland Dust Devils tuned for the game. Khemri is a tier 3 team so I got loads of skills.

The game was a tune-up for the Ref with his vampire team the Wampire Counts von Norway.

We where equally rusty so we didn’t exactly deliver a sterling game tactically.

1st half
He won the coin toss and elected to kick. In D he set up the thralls on the scrimmage and held his 5 vampires right behind. I set my line more or less as on the featured pic (this pic is originally from start of 2nd half).

Knowing how poorly Khemri handle the ball I set one Thro-ra right by the ball and started punching stuff. Since I’ve chosen loads of block on my players I could do it with fairly low risk.

Highlights from this half is me not being able to drive the ball further than my own line of scrimmage, the vampires sucking blood left and right on the thralls, me taking out a couple of players but losing one skeleton in return – oh and the vampires scoring.

1-0 to the Wamps..

2nd half


Okay so this pic is from mid 2nd half. Note how many Wamps that are in the box – lol. I was actually fairly confident this half as I managed to impose my power play on him as he was down a few players already at kickoff. However he managed to hinder me long enough that I only managed to score in my 8th turn.


End result 1-1

Post-fight thoughts
Well that was really fun, I’ve forgotten how much I like Blood Bowl 🙂

Part of the fun probably had a lot to do with the teams we used. Vampires on a rookie level is a sight to behold with the bloodlust rules. Khemri on the other hand can’t handle the ball for the life of them. AG 2 is horrendous and reminds me when I started playing and had Chaos Dwarfs trying to drive the ball with Bull Centaurs. Frustrating to put it like that 🙂

All in all I think we’re putting up a semi-pro season again. Get the old guys going and we’ve got a handful of new guys interested in playing. Should be fun! I’ll make a Khemri team for this 😉


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5 thoughts on “Blood Bowl. Man I’m rusty!

  1. Odie says:

    Looks like fun.

    Since moving, I REALLY need to find the local league here in town, and get some games in again.

    I started playing the Cyanide Blood Bowl 2 on Playstation recently, and damn if I didn’t get my ass handed to me for the first few games I’ve played in a couple of years, so I know all about knocking the rust off. I’m just waiting for the Chaos Dwarf and Nurgle teams to make an appearance and I’ll be all set. Actually I need to finish my tabletop Nurgle team soon as well. Too much to do.

    • It was awesome 🙂 BB in league play is one of my all-time favorite games. Now this game wasn’t league just a one-off but it did manage to give me that itch for some BB again. We’re gauging the mood for a semi-pro season with rookie teams in our group now.

  2. Odie says:

    What tournament were you practicing for?

  3. […] I mentioned earlier  I wanted to try out a new team for some league play. Well here’s the first WiP […]

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