Beluga 61. Industrial silo finished


The Info-Executioners clear the Industrial silo but the inhabitants has left in advance..

I call this one 90% done.





I need to find an appropriate source for some cool posters and do some more homework on gang markings and stuff.  But it’s ready for gaming that’s for sure 🙂

Next piece will be one of the stock buildings that I’ll try to integrate with the Aftermath theme and as such fit with the silo.

As a parting, here’s another pic of the Info-executioners.



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8 thoughts on “Beluga 61. Industrial silo finished

  1. Hey mate, great looking piece! Is it 12 inch square? Do you intend to add more to make up a full board?

    • Cheers 😀
      It’s 40*40cm actually but the next pieces will be 30*30 or 30*50cm depending on the piece. I’ll primarily use these on my urban combat FAT mat but for smaller games I’ll just clump them all together.

  2. rexlogan says:

    Looks awesome! Makes me want to play necromunda!

  3. François Ridel says:

    Bravo it’s a beautiful relief, it me reminder an old article in WD I look for it and you the sending I think that it can complete that there!

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