Beluga 61. The Shrine


Really shitty weather this week so I started detailing the Shrine of the Aquila.

In the the Aftermath the Shrine has changed. Still a symbol for worship and tribute now it’s more in fear of the spirits tormenting the area not peaying to the Emperor..

But as it is, there are no spirits. Just an opportunistic survivor preying on superstition and fear to eke out a living.


The top floor has covered its entry hatch with traps and a simple alarm system. The “ghost” has made himself a spartan but comfortable little space for himself. Though he keeps the profile as small as possible so as not to be discovered.


Two places for offerings has been rigged. One for food and one for utilities and fuel. From the outside maybe not logical offerings to a spirit but one has learned not to ask such questions in the Aftermath..



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