The Dust Devils of Numas #1


As I mentioned earlier  I wanted to try out a new team for some league play. Well here’s the first WiP round!

I decided against theming them against my Stirland themed dual team of Undead and Necromancer and instead make a proper Khemri team since I got hold of a large batch second hand.

Let’s take a look at the positionals.



I’m not done with these mind. Shoulder pads and more details is needed.



These are done build wise I think.



I got a lot of mummies in the batch so it was a no-brainer using two of them as blitzers. Some simple kit-bash here to get some new arms on them.

Tomb Guardians


The new 32mm bases are excellent – especially for big guys in Blood Bowl! These ones needs some tidying here and there.

Star player – Hack’n Slash


One of my favorite star players! I might make one of the strongest star players also but I haven’t decided yet. This one will at least see some early use that’s for sure.

The complete roster


Initially I will start with this list:
4 re-rolls
2 Tomb Guardians
2 Blitz-ras
2 Thro-ras
5 Skeletons

Priority will obviously be getting those remaining tomb guardians in play.

Okay so next will be the greenstuffing and then I’ll paint them all in one go as I did with the Info-Executioners.


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