Dreadtober #2 I’m back!


While I lost my momentum with the stompa before I even got started I’ve found something that suits both my current motivation and the theme for Dreadtober 🙂

So for those who’ve either forgotten or didn’t know. This is Dreadtober and here’s what my original goal looked like.

Enough about that, here’s Wrecks.


Basically a wrecking ball servitor 😀


I used a ton of different parts but the main build consists of a DKoK centaur, AoBR dreadnought and parts from an ork trukk.


I still have some tidying up to do but not that much.


Here’s the operator of the crane awaiting new orders. So it’s a dual run pit slave wrecking machine for smashing up stuff before the other pit slaves break the pieces further up.


Probably time for some smaller ones as well but it’s so fun making big guys 😀


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6 thoughts on “Dreadtober #2 I’m back!

  1. greggles says:

    I love it! I don’t think anyone that started with a stompa finished it. Those things are way more work then any of us ever realize till we start!

  2. Wudugast says:

    You know, we should be giving you a hard time for not finishing the stompa but how can we when Wrecks is so cool? Good luck with it!

  3. […] So for those who’ve either forgotten or didn’t know. This is Dreadtober and here’s what my original goal looked like. The WiP post on Wrecks is here. […]

  4. […] make more members for this gang. We’ll see eventually. First I need to paint the big guy for Dreadtober at […]

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