The Road to NM 2016 #1


This series will cover my preparations for the Miniatyrspill NM 2016 in Oslo in January.

The Miniatyrspill NM is basically the national miniature wargaming tournament. It runs once each year in Oslo and this year it’ll feature 40k, KoW, FoW, Infinity, Warmahordes, X-wing, LotR/Hobbit and AoS.

I will enter in the AoS tournament as I don’t feel like playing 40k for a while. Besides AoS is great fun!

As you can see I’ll be sporting Tomb Kings. However that’s not my paintjob. They’ll be rebased, converted and painted into something completely else. First things first though, here’s the..

Tournament comp

Army comp
Armies will be drawn from a pool of 30 points where war scrolls will be worth the following:

Hero – 3
Named Hero – 4 
Named Hero Monster – 5
Hero Monster – 4
Monster – 3
War machine – 3
*Units with 1 attack per model in base – 1
*Units with 2 attack per model in base – 2
*Units with 4 attack per model in base – 3

*values shown for units is per minimum model number. If you have a unit of 6 models where the minimum number is 5 and they have 2 attacks each in close combat then that unit will be worth 4 pool points. if you have 30 models with 1 attack each where the minimum for that unit is 10 they will be worth 3 pool points. 

No terrain in army list. Wood elves may take 1 wood to deploy on the table as they see fit. 

Summoning spells are not allowed. summoning done in other ways is allowed but you may only ever summon the minimum model count for that unit. For example, if you use a chaos lords command ability to bring on a unit of chaos warriors then you will get only 10 models. These may have full command and any weapon upgrades you prefer. 

Save rolls of 1 is always a fail. 

Measuring should be done from the base of the model, not the model itself. Square bases are ok but round bases are preferable.

All players should provide a fully written up army list with detailed listing of unit size and all upgrades on them. Including what war gear they are equipped with. 

One model in your army list should be clearly marked as your general. 

Each game will be played using objective based missions. Each player will be required to bring 3 objective markers with them, no bigger than 40mm in diameter. Before deployment players should roll off to alternately deploy objective markers on the table at ground level. At least 6 inches from the table edge and at least 12 inches away from each other. 

At the end of each player turn, the player whose turn it is counts up how many objectives they hold, players need to be within 3 inches of an objective with a unit of at least 5 models at current strength. If an enemy unit also of at least 5 models is within 3 inches then that objective cannot be captured. Each objective you hold at the end of the turn is worth a tournament point. 

You also earn 2 tournament points for killing the enemy general and 2 points for being the first player to destroy an enemy war scroll. 

Each game will last just 6 turns.

If you destroy the enemy army before the end of the game, you will be assumed to earn the maximum points remaining possible. For example if you destroy the army in turn 2 you will get the points for all 6 objectives for turns 3 to 6. 

Games are won by either completely destroying the enemy or by amassing the most tournament points. Tournament points earned during the match are recorded and used as tie breakers and matchmaking deciders. 

The player with the most wins over the 5 games is the winner of the tournament. in the event of a tie, tournament points will be used to decide the winner. 

All models must be painted in at least 3 colours and based with texture paint/sand/grass as appropriate. if models do not meet the judges standard then you will be deducted points from your tournament results. 

A best painted competition will be held on the Sunday, nominees will be picked by the judges which will then be voted on by all the players. 

First place will gain an extra 10 tournament points
Second place will gain an extra 5 tournament points
Third place will gain an extra 3 tournament points

All players who are nominated by the judges will receive an extra tournament point. 

This Comp is by no means perfect as we are still in the early stages of AoS. If i have missed anything or something is unclear then please post in the topic. i will appreciate any helpful and constructive advice. Also keep it positive where possible 

My conclusion
A surprisingly fun little comp and something you’ll actually remember! I’ve seen far too many overly complicated ones and they don’t appeal to me.

My list
So you’ve basically seen what I’m bringing but here’s the breakdown:

3 points – Tomb king i chariot
3 points – Tomb herald
3 points – Casket of souls. 
2 points – skeleton archers. 
6 points – 2*3 chariot units. 
4 points – 2*5 horse archers. 
4 points – 5 carrions. 
3 points – bone giant
2 points – necrotect
30 points in total
+ 3 swarm bases as objectives

I’m going for speed and objectives while tarpitting and punishing stuff with the rest. Probably a shitty list but I’m going for it!

The meagre start
I’ve got a ton of work to do to get it all finished in time. Luckily I have everything I need. Especially since I’ll still work on the Beluga 61 project and Blood Bowl between it all.

I’m sporting quite a few projects these days it seems!

Ah well, as long as it’s fun 🙂


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    I am of any heart with you and loan if you need to come along any useful and constructive advice so that you brought to a successful conclusion your project.

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