The Road to NM 2016 #2 – Realm of the Dead


As anyone following my blogs know by now. I like to start with my bases! This’ll be my attempt at Realm of the Dead basing.

First I needed to make oval chariot bases. Having no 50mm round bases left I went with flyer bases as I had loads of them. They’re either 40mm or 60mm so this’ll be a pain..


Here’s the parts needed. 50*60mm, plasticard and a trimmed and fitted flyerbase.


Glue it all on. It’s definitely a bit rough but no worries, we’ll fix that later. Here’s the underside of the base.


Repeat this until all bases are made.


Here’s mine except the objectives. Note that the generals base is slightly bigger than the other ones. Mind making those chariot bases where a right pain since the flyer bases are so brittle. Still it saved me some bucks and I got to use stuff I already had lying around.

Next was gluing those miniatures that already has quite ornate bases as part of the sculpt.


In front is some of the stuff I’ll be using on the bases before I use my messy mix to tie it all together and make the bases more sturdy.

With all that out of the way we can finally start on the fun stuff! That’ll be covered in the next part.


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2 thoughts on “The Road to NM 2016 #2 – Realm of the Dead

  1. François Ridel says:

    On bases leash as stony paving stones, a former old tiled floor of which the wind shall have sweeps the sand. You can then place pieces of ruins of old Stygie.

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